Premium Promise Warranty™

Relax and enjoy the savings!

Premium Compatibles Inc.® and PCI Brand® products are 100% guaranteed to perform equal to or better than the original equipment manufacturer products. PCI Brand goods are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing or material defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If it is determined that any Premium Compatibles Inc.® PCI Brand® product is defective or has not demonstrably met the performance of the equivalent original equipment manufacturers cartridge we will happily exchange the product for a new Premium Compatibles Inc.® / PCI Brand® cartridge.  Simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Keep the PCI® brand cartridge and set it aside for us.
  2. Contact Premium Compatibles dispatch by email or phone at:; 866-574-8804.
  3. One of our representatives will get back to you promptly to discuss the issue.  If we cannot resolve the problem we will issue a pre-paid UPS label for return of the cartridge to our Quality Control division, or approval to field destroy. When shipping a cartridge to PCI it must be in its original packaging or similar to avoid damage in transit.
  4. We will ship a new PCI Brand® cartridge to you or your customer.

When stored, installed and used under proper conditions your Premium Compatibles Inc.® – PCI Brand® product will not cause harm to your machine. However, in the unlikely event that a Premium Compatibles Inc.®- PCI Brand® product is the source of any damage to your machine we will reimburse you for the reasonable costs to repair your machine.*

To receive reimbursement we will need:

  1. The PCI Brand® cartridge that caused the damage. When shipping the cartridge back to PCI it must be in its original packaging or similar to avoid damage in transit. In most instances our QC department will test the returned cartridge.
  2. A paid bill or invoice from a certified repair technician.
  3. A signed statement from your certified service technician detailing the damage and cause of the damage and any supporting documentation.

Remember when you are shopping for Ink and Toner there is only one Premium Compatibles Inc.®- PCI Brand® that comes with the Premium Promise™ warranty. Be sure to insist on genuine Premium Compatibles Inc.® – PCI Brand®.  We are here to support you and your customers and we appreciate your business.

Your satisfaction is our goal.

Should you have any questions regarding the Premium Promise™ simply call or email us at: Phone: (866) 574-8804  or Email:

Premium Compatibles® Inc. / PCI Brand® Is a proud USA owned and operated corporation.

*PCI maintains the right to inspect, at our cost, any PCI product suspected of causing damage to a machine.  PCI will email a pre-paid UPS label for pick-up of the product so it can be shipped to our Quality Control division. In order to process damage reimbursement claims, PCI requires written documentation detailing the damage incurred and the cause of damage from a technician trained and certified to complete repairs on the machine in question.  Repairs must be completed by an authorized technician. All invoices and documentation can be emailed to PCI at