PCI Brand Remanufactured Cartridges Make a Difference

PCI Brand Remanufactured Cartridges Make a Difference

Apr 19th 2024

Make a difference. Keep the world green while keeping more green in your wallet. 

Know how long it takes for a Styrofoam cup or a water bottle to break down? Now imagine how long it takes for a two-and-a-half-pound laser printer cartridge to decay in your local landfill. (About 400 years) Please be responsible, sell and use PCI Brand remanufactured laser print cartridges. 

Did you know, It takes roughly 1 gallon of oil to make one laser toner cartridge. More than 65 million new laser cartridges are sold annually in the USA. Each discarded laser cartridge weighs over 2 pounds and contains not only plastic but metals as well. A single discarded Laser Printer Cartridge will take well over 400 years to break down. 400 years. 

PCI Brand Recycled Laser Printer cartridges are OEM cartridges saved from the landfill. These used cartridges are remanufactured in the USA to like-new specifications and come with a 100% factory warranty. You don't need a calculator to see how PCI Brand remanufactured cartridges make ecological sense. You can use a calculator to see how much less than new OEM cartridges PCI Brand remanufactured cartridges are. Less oil, cleaner landfills, lower carbon footprint, excellent performance, fantastic value and Made here in the USA.